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The Story of Greenwich Peninsula

Tap into London’s undiscovered neighbourhood. We’ve taken 150 acres of land all wrapped by 1.6 miles of the river Thames and are transforming it into a new community for thousands of people. 

We’re creating a place where the community comes first, art and inspiration are (literally) on every corner, whilst creativity and design run through everything we do. Our vision for Greenwich Peninsula is to create a place that inspires people to explore, keep coming back and make a home here. Whether you're looking for a stunning rental property or home to buy, choose Greenwich Peninsula. We are new London

See the timeline of our progress and what’s to come below.

  • 30

    Year regeneration

  • 150

    Acres in size

  • +17,000

    New homes

  • 34,000

    New residents

Timeline of Greenwich Peninsula

  1. 2013-2016
  2. 2017-2019
  3. 2020-2023
  4. 2024 & Beyond

What’s on the Peninsula

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We are 36% into our 30-year development plan



Greenwich Peninsula is more than just a physical location, it’s a flourishing community. Nurturing this growing community has always been our primary focus from day one. From the lush green spaces, bustling and accessible cultural hubs to the free arts and events programme, we’re creating a community within London.

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The Peninsula is a harmonious blend of innovation and aesthetics, creating an urban landscape that inspires the imagination. Architectural marvels punctuate the skyline, showcasing sleek and contemporary forms that seamlessly integrate with the natural surroundings. The meticulous planning of open spaces, intricate walkways and sustainable infrastructure highlights a commitment to both functionality and visual appeal. 

Interior of an art gallery


Greenwich Peninsula boasts a diverse cultural spirit. The fusion of artistic expression, heritage, and modernity creates a captivating cultural landscape. From its renowned galleries to its vibrant festivals and events, the Peninsula pulsates with creativity and innovation. This cultural hub is a meeting ground for individuals from all walks of life, fostering a sense of inclusivity and shared experiences.

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