Greenwich Peninsula is a thriving urban community with sustainability at its core. Our vision is to create a low to zero carbon, resource-efficient community that is economically viable and built on principles of equity, environmental protection and economic prosperity.

Promoting sustainable lifestyles

  • social value delivered through local employment, community investment and environmental projects over the last 3 years
  • volunteered at local charities
  • £224,040 social value carbon reduction through The Tide
  • career support sessions
  • jobs created through construction and operations
  • Community Fund launched to provide support to local charities/community projects
  • tonnes of waste diverted from landfill
  • engagement opportunities offered per year

Our ESG Framework

At Greenwich Peninsula we have made a commitment to safeguard the environment and prioritising the well-being of individuals within it. We are integrating sustainability into all facets of our community; not only are we delivering exceptional developments of superior quality and value but also preserving and enriching both the built and natural surroundings. Our aspiration is to go above and beyond the basic compliance requirements, actively embrace innovative ideas and research to deliver the most environmentally and socially sustainable developments, assets and corporate operations.

Safeguarding the environment

To achieve lasting value, we foster a spirit of collaboration among our employees, project teams, clients, partners, supply chain and investors. Our commitment to protecting the environment minimises our impacts and maximise positive effects. Whether through implementing energy-efficient technologies, utilising sustainable materials, or adopting environmentally conscious practices, we consistently seek opportunities to lead the way in sustainable business practices.

Catalysing social value

Creating social value is at the heart of the Greenwich Peninsula community. We are committed to making a long-lasting, positive social impact by being a catalyst for growth, whilst protecting those who are most vulnerable in the community.