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33 by Studio Weave

Fridays 12-5pm and Sat/Sun 11-4pm
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Studio Weave, in collaboration with HATO and illustrator Jay Cover, ‘33’ is a three storey decorative folly, drawing sightlines through the central park towards the Victorian terraces, focusing on the discourse of ‘What home is’.

‘33’ references a mix of historical architectural styles in an abstract way: Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian. The structure is a delicate timber studwork, with the design featuring a galvanized steel, powder coated staircase in vibrant yellow. On the second level, the floor will be finished in epoxy paint stencilled graphics that symbolise the flat room settings within the ‘home’. ‘33’ will be in situ for 3 years.

Please be aware 33 may be closed some days due to weather conditions. The upper levels do not have step-free access. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Make the most of the structure before the end of November where Studio Weave will be closed during the colder months. Book to explore 33 here .