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Slices of Time at NOW Gallery

Closed until further notice. NOW Gallery. Greenwich Peninsula.

Known for ther implementation of colour through design, Emmanuelle Moureaux is a Tokyo-based French architect and designer. Greenwich Peninsula's NOW Gallery has selected Moureaux to create a large-scale installation in the UK for the first time, inspired by the Peninsula's close promixity to the Prime Meridian.

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Slices of Time will be composed of layers upon layers of coloured numbers in 100 different shades. Filling the gallery space, each layer of numbers reflects the past, the future and the here and now. Suspended in the middle of the gallery, the rounded exhibition ackowledges the earth floating in space.

The installation offers all visitors a chance to mark their own slices of time. Grab a piece of paper, note down your date of choice and why this date is important to you. Then, place it on the window of the gallery, where an interactive timeline will create a kaleidoscope of colour, memories and experiences.

Born in France in 1971 Moureaux has been living in Tokyo since 1996, where she established “emmanuelle moureaux architecture + design” in 2003. Inspired by the layers and colours of Tokyo that built a complex depth and density on the street, combined with Japanese traditional spatial elements like sliding screens, she has created the concept of “shikiri”. Literally meaning “dividing (creating) space with colours”, shikiri will be used to create her NOW Gallery installation.

For Moureaux, colours are used as three-dimensional elements, like layers, in order to create spaces, not as a finishing touch applied on surfaces. Handling colours as a medium to compose space, her wish is to give emotion through colours with her creations, which range from art, design to architecture. Moureaux has seduced audiences from Paris to Tokyo with her colourful installations with complex and intricate aesthetic. Her representative works include the architectural design for Sugamo Shinkin Bank, “100 colors” art installation series, space design for ABC Cooking Studio, art installations for UNIQLO and ISSEY MIYAKE, and stick chair.

For more information visit https://nowgallery.co.uk

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