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Peninsula Life

Help Yourself

Kevin Braddock knows how city life can get you down. He nearly took his own life five years ago. In recovery, he fashioned his own self-help system, he tells Alex Rayner.

Art & Design

Find your Space in the City

Whether you’re a seasoned Londoner or new to the city, there are hundreds of opportunities to find cultural, social and architectural spaces to suit you this season.

Food & Drink

The Peninsulist Meets - The Hej Man

Mathew Keech, co-founder of Hej Coffee tells us why Swedish coffee breaks inspired his vision for neighbourhood coffee across London.

Peninsula Life

Above The Tide

What's better than living beside a new high-concept 5km linear park? How about having a state-of-the-art spa and wellness centre right above it? Here’s how to find indoor and outdoor wellbeing, thanks to Renew.

Peninsula Life

Creative Capital

Could London's creative energies help inspire businesses in less developed countries? Naomi Larsson speaks to Teach a Man to Fish, a UK charity that helps found businesses where they’re needed most.

Art & Design

5 IKEA Classics

Ikea’s new Greenwich store is one of the furniture chain’s most sustainable, yet the Swedish firm has always been good at recycling popular designs; here are some of its best-loved, longest-standing classics.

Art & Design

Circa No Future

Nadia Huggins’ new photographic exhibition, Circa No Future, takes a deep dive into adolescent life in St Vincent, revealing an authentic coming-of-age.

Art & Design

The Peninsulist Meets Kinska

We talked to Kinska about 'My Opera House', her exhibition at NOW Gallery, that was inspired by a bicycle accident that led to a hip replacement.

Art & Design

Forward Facing

Here’s how a bicycle accident and Werner Herzog film turned an Argentinian fashion designer into a successful ceramics artist.


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