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Art & Design

Quantum Cloud

By Antony Gormley

This monumental sculpture by British artist Antony Gormley was commissioned for the North Meadow Sculpture Project in celebration of the millennium. Quantum Cloud is composed of a central group of 325 extended tetrahedral sections which are connected to over 3,500 of the same elements extending into space.

Evoking the quantum age, and suggesting an unstable relation between energy and mass, it questions whether the body is produced by the field or the field by the body. Visually, it was inspired by conversations between Gormley and quantum physicist Basil Hiley. In its totality, it questions the relationship of the self to the world and foregrounds the viewer’s influence on the viewed – a feature both of quantum physics and art.


Quantum Cloud invites pause and reflection as part of The Line, London’s first dedicated modern and contemporary art walk.