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Invented by Craft’s own Jacob Kudrna, this cocktail uses British produce, reflecting the winter season. Using homemade blackberry liqueur, this is a mix of jammy sweetness and bitter orange, making it a delicious, lightly spicy, winter warmer.

Ingredients for the blackberry liqueur

– 1kg blackberries

– 1kg caster sugar

– 1L vodka


De-stem and wash the blackberries, then blitz them on high speed until they have a puree consistency.

Split the mixture into two sealable jars, filling each to just below the halfway mark. This ensures the mixture has room to breathe, as the process creates a lot of gas while fermenting.

Leave for 24 hours, and then stir the mixture to allow it to breathe. Wait another 24 hours before stirring again.

After another 24 hours, add 500g of the sugar to each jar and stir again thoroughly.

Leave the mixture for a day and then stir again.

After a final 24 hours, add 500ml of the vodka to each jar and stir.

Ingredients for the Gaelic Thorn

– 25ml blackberry liqueur

– 25ml Compass Box Whisky, Great King Street Glasgow Blend

– 10ml Campari

– 5ml lemon juice

– 5ml honey syrup


Pour all ingredients into a glass, stir for roughly 40 rotations and then serve in a coupette. No garnish necessary.

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