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Confident in its minimalism, self-assured in its clean, orderly lines, the study in the Abode apartment is an understated ode to the pleasure gleaned from making, thinking and creating.

Styled by Cereal magazine, it’s a workstation that will inspire deep, almost meditative focus; enable neurons to nurture, and spark ideas to life. And the opposite, you could say, of the lamented open plan office, which a growing body of research deems the death of concentration, creativity and productivity.

The best ideas, it’s claimed by creators far and wide, come to us while we’re showering, staring across oceans to distant horizons, listening to waves lap-lapping at nearby shores. There’s something almost prescriptive then, about the positioning of this desk, in this room, facing this river, that has been the vein running to the heart of the city’s output since time immemorial.

abode landscape6-1140x760

Photography: Rich Stapleton, Cereal magazine

To gaze across its tides is to travel back through the history of labour itself, to witness the slog of pirates, of prisoners and prostitutes, princes and paupers.

There’s little mental leaping needed to imagine yourself tearing up the proverbial rulebook while seated at this desk; a Houdini-like departure from the confines of your usual routine. What enterprises may spring to life? Does a memoir wait to be written, a deal to be struck, an invention to be conceived of? Pull up a chair and let’s begin.

abode portrait13

Photography: Rich Stapleton, Cereal magazine

Discover more about the Abode apartment by Cereal magazine at Greenwich Peninsula on our website.

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