Traditional Chinese Wood Block Printing and Calligraphy


10 February


13:00 - 17:00

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Join Yi Crafts for a hands-on workshop exploring the vibrant world of coloured woodblock prints—a cherished Chinese art form traditionally used for Lunar New Year decorations.

Create your New Year Picture carved onto woodblocks using traditional tools and experience the elegance of Chinese calligraphy as you write wishes on red rice paper. Take home your personalised New Year picture filled with heartfelt wishes for luck and prosperity.

Materials provided: Rice papers, woodblocks, Ink and Chinese Calligraphy Brushes.

About Yi Crafts

Yi Crafts is an East Asian handcrafts studio founded in 2019. Their mission is to safeguard the vanishing traditional handcrafts and cuisine of China’s diverse cultural communities. Under the guidance of founder Yiran, a proud member of the Bai community, Yi Craft delves into the rich tapestry of East Asian culture.

Beyond being a cultural exploration, Yi Craft invites everyone to participate in a journey that goes beyond borders. It's an opportunity to not only understand the commonalities and differences in culture but also to foster a deeper connection and shared history. At Yi Craft, each creation transforms into a joyful celebration of diversity, tradition, and the intricate artistry of East Asian craftsmanship.